Gone Baby Gone is a shocking masterpiece!


Yeah, that´s it. Here it goes. First english post to… I do not know yet. Basically, I have just watched Gone Baby Gone, one of these pending films I have always had in a forgotten box but I had not ever seen. Till now. And I have to say that it is a shocking masterpiece, a film in which you don´t know who the goodies or badies are till the very, very end.

Directed by the former actor Ben Affleck, the main character -his well-spotted brother Casey Affleck plays a private detective role who works in a deep suburb of Boston and lives with a kind of girlfriend partner, who in the middle of the action will have to follow up the kidnapped little girl trace, who, by the way, reminds me a lot to an spanish-british real case called ‘Madelaine’. And if I am not wrong I believe this movie came up short time after that real case occurred. Reason why then nobody really wanted to pay attention to this in 2007.

Nobody is as it seems to be, that is actually one of the best things about this movie.The cast is followed by the old schoolers Ed Harris or Morgan Freeman, and also Michelle Monaghan.



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